My Couple Pairing

Hai! starting from now i will make the EXOSHIDAE fanfiction.. guess what? because i really ship both of that group!

SNSD-EXO! hehe esspecially for the exoshidae shipper because i ship them too 🙂

and please allow me to do that keep supporting me and keep reads my story 😦 you can request for the cast too, so please support and keep reading my story! :):):)

This is the Couple Pairing of ExoShidae! 🙂

– SuSica 

   Suho Exo K >< Jessica SNSD

– HunSica

  Sehun Exo K >< Jessica SNSD

– LuSica/HanSica

  Luhan EXO-M >< Jessica SNSD

– SeoHan

  Seohyun SNSD >< Luhan EXO-M

– SeYeon

  Sehun EXO K – Taeyeon SNSD

– YoonKai

  Yoona SNSD >< Kai EXO K

– SuYeon

  Suho EXO K >< Taeyeon SNSD

– HyoYeol

  Hyoyeon SNSD >< Chanyeol Exo-K

– YulTao

  Yuri SNSD >< Tao Exo-M

– HunFany

  Sehun Exo-K >< Tiffany SNSD

– SooYeol

  Sooyoung SNSD >< Chanyeol Exo-K

– BaekYeon

  Baekhyun EXO K >< Taeyeon SNSD

– SooKris

  Sooyoung SNSD >< Kris Exo-M

– KaiSun

  Kai Exo-K >< Sunny SNSD

– KrisFany

  Kris Exo-M >< Tiffany SNSD

– MinSun

  Xiumin Exo-M >< Sunny SNSD


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